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Past EventS

Clemson Life Family Golf Clinic

September 24th, 2023 was a huge success.

Thank you to theFamilies and Volunteers to add to the success of this event and the special visit from Dr. Ryan from Clemson Life.


What is the Cost?

     The aim of this non-profit is to provide opportunities for the families to learn and play at no charge at the Par 3 at Woodhaven and possible other participating facilities.  Donotions are accepted via Family Golf Life.  FGL conducts family golf instructional clinics to promote golf as a family activity and promotes  family quality time outside together.

 Scott Womble, PGA Life Member and
             Clemson Life Student and friend, Sam Mungo.           .

Other past classmates from Clemson Life, Tyler, Kevin, Tanner, and Noah.

How It Started.

     Clemson Life is a special college program that provides a positive college and learning environment for kids with intellectual disabilities. While teaching golf at Clemson University, I had the priviledge of having Clemson Life students in my Leisure Studies Golf Classes. The Clemson Life students changed my total approach to golf instruction to all levels of players. They were eager to learn a new sport and enjoyed being outside on the golf course learning a new skill with others.

      I understand the game of golf can be intimidating, especially for beginners. I saw most of the Clemson Life students developed capable golf skills and found a new sport to enjoy outside socially. Some of the students had golf in their families, but others did not. The golf classes became a one and done program with no golf in their future sights.  I saw a need to change that and vowed to teach not just the kids golf skills but the family as a whole to enjoy an outside sporting activity that is challenging and fun. 

     The goal of Family Golf Life is to create opportunities for golf to become a outside family activity to spend quality time together.

Jessica and Chris
from the Monday Golf Class.
It's not about the score.
It's about having fun outside with the family.

It's not about the score.
It's about learning something fun! 
How can I help?
      You can donate funds to the Family Golf Life programs through
the "Go Fund Me" link above.  The button is now active.
You can buy rounds of golf at the
Par 3 at Woodhaven to support the Family Golf Life Programs too. 
Contact Scott Womble for donations and details about FGL.
Thank you for sharing and caring. 
The Area 14 Special Olympics, April 29th, 2023 event was great family fun.
It was nice to see all of the family members getting involved in
learning a new game and sport.

On the golf course with Jessica.

Family Golf Life aims to create a world-class learning environment for the special needs community with love and respect of each participating individual. We will create an atmosphere of inclusion, diginity, and respect while enriching lives with golf as an outdoor recreation one person at a time.

Upcoming EventS

Family Golf Life Caddie Program

More details to be announced. 


Where can I donate clubs?

Clubs are always needed for the kids and family members. Donations are processed through the Staff at The Par 3 at Woodhaven. Please call ahead to make an appointment for drop off and review.   All procedes received go toward making learning and playing opportunities for families to have a safe and happy golf experience. 

Learning the short game at The Par 3 at Woodhaven. 
It is great to have the family together playing golf .

Click here to watch.

Click here to watch.